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A Word from our Dean:

It is hard to believe, but we are now in our fifth year of Grace Bible Training Center. We have already had two graduating classes, and our graduates are busy serving God's call upon their lives.
If there is one thought I may be allowed to impress upon each of you, whether you are a GBTC graduate, a returing student, or a new student, it would be a statement from Romans 12:3 where the Apostle Paul said, “Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought…” That may seem to be a bit out of place, especially seeing how much emphasis has been placed upon the teachings of Grace and Righteousness and the understanding that has been gained concerning your position and identity. But that’s just it. The truth of grace and righteousness reveals that it is all of God and not of yourselves. Grace has placed you in Christ and it is by the death, burial and resurrection of Christ Jesus that you can stand confidently as the righteousness of God. Therefore, it is not who you are or what you shall be, but it is who our God is and all He has done for you – Glory be to God! At the same time, however, just as you must be careful not to think of yourself more highly than you ought, you must also not demean yourself and identify with anything that is less than what and who you now are in Christ. Let it be understood that because of God’s love, His provision of grace and His gift of righteousness you have been made one with Him, so that where you are, He is, and where He is, you are. Within that truth, you will show yourself wise not to ascribe greatness to yourself, but do not be foolish and fail to realize that “Greatness” has identified Himself with you, and because of that you can daily have all expectations of doing great things through Christ our Lord.
Again, no one should ever think of himself or herself more highly than they ought, but all of you can rejoice greatly in all you have and will accomplish and gain at Grace Bible Training Center. We are very proud of you, we are most pleased with you, and we continually thank God for each of you.
Pastor Bob

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